Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our frequently asked questions are on this page. If you have other questions NOT mentioned here, please email us at

What time are your tours?
  • From March 1 through October 31, we offer Viewings at 6, 8, and 10pm nightly.
  • From November 1 through February 28, we offer Viewings at 5,7, and 9pm nightly.
Are you only open during the summer?

We offer Viewings almost every night of the year. Whenever you’re in Savannah, we’d love to escort you.

Can we do an 8:30 (or any other off-time) tour?

Unfortunately not. Our times are set.

Can we do an afternoon tour?

We can see if any of our drivers are available to do an earlier tour, but we can’t guarantee it.

Can we bring alcoholic beverages with us?

Yes, if you’re 21 or older. We do not provide drinks, but you’re welcome to bring some, and/or ask your driver to make a bar stop.

Do you require reservations?

Yes. They’re first-come, first-served.

Do you require payment when you make your reservation?


What’s your cancellation policy?

You have until 24 hours prior to your tour to reschedule (availability permitting), alter the number of people in your party, or cancel and receive a refund. After that 24-hour deadline you can still reschedule, but you’ll have to pay for your tour a second time, and you can still remove people from your party or cancel altogether, but you won’t get a refund.

What’s your pricing?

It’s currently $29.50 per person plus tax, due at time of booking. We ask that you bring cash the evening of your Viewing to tip your driver. This may change at any time.

How many people can I bring on a tour?

Each hearse seats 8 people, and we have multiple hearses. So if you have more than 8 people, we can take your group, but they’ll be in more than one hearse. Please bear in mind, though, that the city doesn’t allow the hearses to follow each other, so you’ll get two entirely separate tours. If you’ve booked all 8 seats and show up with more than 8 people, the additional people you bring will not have seats on the hearse. If you booked less than 8 seats (and will consequently be riding with random other people), show up with more people than you reserved for, and didn’t call in advance to see if we had room for them, they likely will not have seats on the hearse.  Even if we do have room, you’ll still need to call us at 912-695-1578 to add them to your reservation and authorize the additional charge on your card.

My friend is getting married and wants to include a hearse tour as part of her bachelorette party. Are you guys ok with that?

Absolutely! We happily take bachelorette parties on Viewings. Bachelorette parties need to book all 8 seats in hearse (or each hearse if you need more than one), so plan accordingly when you’re looking to book your Viewing. (Bachelor parties are welcome, too. Also only private.)

Can I get a private tour?

Absolutely!  When you’re making your reservation, make your reservation for a party of 8 and you’ll have the whole hearse for yourself, even if your group is less than 8 people.

Can you pick me up at my Airbnb/VRBO?

No. There are limited locations in Savannah’s Historic District where we can legally load passengers aboard our hearses. Private residences/rental homes are not included in these locations.

Well, where can you pick me up?

Our pick up locations are:

  • Oglethorpe Square (corner of Abercorn and E President) – outside the Owens Thomas House Museum.
  • Telfair Square (corner of Barnard and W President) – outside the Telfair Academy.
  • Franklin Square (corner of Montgomery and W Bryan) – on Montgomery behind the Hilton Garden Inn.


You’ll also want to leave plenty of time to find parking, as parking in the Historic District can be…problematic.

Are my kids welcome?

Absolutely! Keep in mind, though, that we can’t secure car seats, so for really young children you’ll need to hold them in your lap.

Is my dog welcome?

Your non-service dogs are absolutely welcome if you’ve booked as a party of 8. Service dogs are welcome on any tour.

Do you visit any cemeteries?

All the cemeteries in the area are closed by the time we start our tours for the evening.

So we don’t go out to Bonaventure Cemetery?

We only operate in Savannah’s Historic District.

Do we get to go inside any places?

The places you’ll see on our tours are private homes and businesses we don’t own. So plan on being in the hearse for your whole tour. 

So where do we go during the tour?

You’ll go to many places in the Historic District, but as we’re an unscripted tour we can’t be more specific than that. Each driver has their own route and stories, and many of the drivers vary their tour from week to week or even night to night.

Can I make a reservation and ride with someone who already has a reservation of their own?

Probably. Seats on the hearses are on a first-come, first-served basis. If we have the capability of letting you ride on the same hearse as your friend who has their own reservation, we’ll be happy to set that up for you. You need to call us (912-695-1578) to let us know, however. If you don’t call us, we’ll have no clue that you want us to put you together, if it’s even possible. If you’re trying to ride with someone who already has a reservation, the easiest way to ensure you’re all together – if we have the seats available – is to have the person who’s already booked a Viewing call us and add however many people are in your group to their reservation.

I want to let my kids go on a tour while I hit a restaurant for dinner and drinks. Would that be ok?

Each group that makes a reservation for one of our Viewings must contain a member who is eighteen years old or older. We cannot and will not take minors unaccompanied by an adult – an adult who is legally responsible for them – on one of our vehicles.

What do we do if it looks like rain the day of our tour?

The hearses are open sided but they do have a roof so we conduct our Viewings in rain and clear skies. We recommend that if you’re concerned about the weather you check the forecast the day before your tour so that if you don’t want to risk riding in the rain, you can call us to reschedule or cancel before the 24 hour deadline. If you call less than 24 hours before the tour, you can cancel your tour but you’ll not receive a refund, as noted in our cancelation policy.

Can I text or message you guys?

No, we only communicate via phone or e-mail.